Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's that time of year again.

I can't believe we are now in december. It just seems so crazy that this year has flown by so quickly.

The christmas tree is up, the kids had so much fun decorating it. They get so into it.

This year is also the first year we have christmas lights on out the front of the house. They ohhh'd and ahhh'd when they got turned on. If it wasn't raining so much at the moment I am sure they would be out the front every night just sitting in the yard and looking at them. And I must admit, my hubby and my dad did a great job. Hopefully the weather fines up so we can spend some time out there at night. It's a really beautiful place.

It really warms my heart, that with all the christmas joy and spirit going around my kids haven't forgotten about their baby brother.

We went to get their photo taken with santa. Last year we had a little red star with Owen's name written on it (a very dear friend gave me this last year (thanks Kris xx)). We took it with us and one of the kids held Owen's star for the photo. It was their way of having him in the photo with them.

This year, we didn't have the star with us (silly mummy :-( ), but they asked if they could wear my necklace and my husbands, it has Owen's fingerprint on it.

They then sat their with santa and had their photo taken, then told santa all about their baby brother.. <3


  1. I'm going to feel so silly if I have my wires crossed, but do you mean the one i made? I didn't know that you used it in the picture! That is so so sweet! And so lovely that they wanted to include Owen! I love it when my kids remember Lola xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yep, that's the one hun.. We love it.. it's sitting on our cabinet with a photo of Owen just like it was last year. I'm so annoyed at myself for not having it with us for the photo's.. xx


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