Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas Owen

I can't believe we are at christmas time already. Another year is nearly over. They just all fly by way too quickly these days.

We all went to visit Owen a week or so ago, and put up his christmas decorations and had a little visit with him.  The kids were really beautiful and made sure he had all his decorations just right.

They had even made him some special decorations that we hung in the branches around and near him. We each wished him a Merry Christmas and said we would be back on Christmas eve to visit.

We also hung our personal baubles on the tree. We had been waiting to put them up until we had Tabitha's. Once we did, the kids were quick to get them all out and make sure we had Owen's all ready to go up aswell.

I can't believe it will be another christmas without our baby boy, but am so blessed to have such wonderful children who still remember him, and include him in everything.

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  1. what a lovely photo Mel. I think it's gorgeous that your kids always have Owen in their hearts. He's one very loved little angel.


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