Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrible two's- Myth? I think not....

I honestly thought I would escape this. With my eldest daughter, 'terrible two's' didn't happen. She was fine. Three's however were different, but only so she was just wingy.

Little Miss I however, well that's a different story. I thought we were heading for another miss as she hadn't been that bad. We are nearing her third birthday in March and I really thought we were home free.

It seems this is not the case.

This week so far has been very, VERY trying.

First, she has had a massive regression with going to the toilet. Wetting her pants seems to have become the thing to do, the independence streak has well and truely kicked in, she did a #2 in a leotard yesterday and then got in all over herself (I mean rubbed it on her tummy, up her legs. Yeah, you get the picture) and the floor, she was suppose to be in bed having a sleep, only to find her with the toothpaste from the bathroom and gotten all over herself, her bed and her bedding, oh and she wet the bed.

That was just yesterday...

Today so far, we have had tantrums left, right and centre, vegemite all over and rubbed into our cream carpet, more wetting of pants, 5 costume changes, the list goes on..

All I can hope for at the moment is that when she turns the magical 3, at precisely midnight, it all changes, and when she wakes. It's like it was all just a bad dream.....



  1. Perhaps check she hasn't got an ear infection or something which may be causing this unusual behaviour. Hey at least we don't have long till our girls turn 3

  2. Yikes she is keeping you on your toes!

    We have had a few weeks like that too - the deliberate wetting on the floor comes and goes with my toddler too.

    They keep you guessing don't they - they are all so unique and different even to their siblings!


  3. that hope of Indi turning 3 and for all this to magically stop, is whats keeping me going Chelle.. lol

    They certainly do keep you guessing. My only saving grace at the moment is it's school holidays. So I have some extra eyes to keep an eye on her LOL (when they aren't trying to push my buttons as well) LOL


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